{At Home} 5 Minutes of Colour

Have you ever felt a little overwhelmed by all the various styles and types of designs?
There are so many rad, lovely products out there nowadays.
Polka dot bedsheets… gorgeous quilts, lights, clothes!
Heck, to even choose your favourite amongst the ocean of dining chair designs is a little bit suffocating at times.
These are probably what I would call first world problems.

This year, we will be building an extension to our new home.
Add another bedroom and a bathroom. Scrap old kitchen, build new one.
I am terrified of screwing up.
I don’t know how my Mum did it way back in the days where there was no internet.
Mum loved interior design and I always loved our old home and the way she built and decorated it. (Now, let’s just hope some snazzy decorating gene of hers has found its way into me).

A darling friend of mine dropped her whole collection of Home Beautiful mags, told me to ‘knock myself out’ with them. I love her!
After poring through about 48 out of the 100 issues bestowed to me, I am still feeling a little dissatisfied.
I think, home mags can only help you that much.

I do feel strongly that a home should serve its owners. And not just be a pretty thing.
Especially when you spend a bomb on it. Which is most of the time nowadays.
Architecture or design that is beautiful but not practical isn’t clever at all.
And how a home serves you, is so much more exemplified when there is a family living in it.
Suddenly… you have all these people. All these feet. Everywhere. All the rooms are being used, some at the same time.

I just wanted three things in a home:
I wanted another bedroom.
I wanted to be able to see my kids in the garden from my kitchen.
I like small. I didn’t want one of those house/land packages with a huge double storey 5 bedroom house. Those houses are a nightmare to me. Cleaning!!!!

But I still wasn’t, and am still not sure of what really is a good home to me.
What does my home need to have to honestly serve this little family of mine well?
Sometimes, walking around and taking 5 minutes to take photos gives you ideas of how you use your home.


I have succumbed to the fact that my home will always be messy when my kids are young.
We try to pack up most days and do an ok job. But other days, we just leave the mess around. And it is ok.
This is hard for me to accept, just because I used to be a neat, organised person when I was living along and my eyes just zoom in on mess.
But… seriously. You can’t do kids and not have mess!

Looking through the pictures… I realise what is important to us.
I also realise what might be missing and what we should have more of, that for some reason, has not had more of a presence at home.
I love colour. All pops of colour.
A colourful home makes me very very happy and gives me the the brightness I need.
Some friends of mine have really beautiful neutral homes or some others have really earthy, natural homes which I think reflects them and their own personalities so well. I love being at the homes of others and just absorbing the energy that is in there.
Which makes me think.
Does having a messy house make my children more frazzled???
If I had a simpler and more bare home, would my children calm down?!
Would I calm down?!
It probably would have a nice effect on me, which is quite an amusing thought.

Someone wise said that it is best to start with a clean, whitish palette or shell… so that you can slowly add the colours that you like in the forms of furniture and other decor.
And I think it is really important to keep asking myself whether I really really want that in my house before I bring it home.

Do you share the same dilemma as me?
How does your home make you feel?