Isn’t it true?

You have lots of firsts with your eldest child.
The first time she smiled at you.
The first time she ate that mushy baby cereal.
The first time she made a friend at kinder and told you all about it.
They’re usually bossy. Mine is.

I had another first this week with my eldest.
The first time I sent a child off to primary school.
Prep. As they call it here.
I don’t know who was more excited. Or nervous.

I grew up in Singapore.
School, especially primary school, is very different from school here.
I had absolutely no clue what to expect my child to be doing in primary school here.
“What do you do every day in primary school?”
“What do you mean what to you do? You just play!”
“What do you mean play? Don’t you have subjects? Like an hour of Math, English and Science?”
“Well I guess you do when you get older…”
“Do you have exams in Prep?”
“What! No… you don’t have exams in primary school.”
“Do you have a desk of your own??”
“Why do you need to label all these clothes and shoes?!!”

And so there I was.
I felt like the one starting first day of school.
Please forgive my questions, dear husband.
We had exams from the word go back in Singapore.
We had textbooks and workbooks when we started Grade 1.

Learning is so so different here. And I really do appreciate it.
I still feel like I am going to learn so much about school, together with my child…
At least one thing is the same worldwide.
We all contact our books.

Her dad took the day off to see her on her first day of school.
I really loved that he did that.
That he always thinks of doing things like that.
He laughed at me when I told him that I felt so excited, happy but also so sad that I could cry… that Clari was at school.
I still tear up and feel a huge lump in my throat just thinking about it.
He said I was crazy. That there were all these mums out there who are crazy.
I guess there is truth to what he said.

We took our Second, Celeste out to the city and had some yummy food, went to the playground and she had an absolutely ball of a time.

And today, as I sat and painted together with Celeste at home, just the two of us, it did feel nice.
To be able to focus ALL my attention on just one child for once. For a whole day.
I’m so sorry, Celeste.
You had to wait 2 years for this moment!!

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImagePicture 1076
So there you go.
Thanks for being here and sharing in this special sweet family moment for me.

Clari did eventually come home.
It was a long 6 and a half hours to wait for school pick up.
I was dying to find out what had happened.
She was SO happy.
I haven’t seen her this excited in a while.

“I LOVE my school!”, she said.