Hi there and a very big welcome!

I’m Germaine, a mother of two (soon to be three!), based in Melbourne, Australia.


Our Blog
This blog is our sidekick to our shop and over time, I do hope to make it a place where everyone can visit for lots of stationery and papery goodness and eye candy!

Our Shop

Chibi Run first opened its doors in December 2010 with big dreams and has since expanded to provide customers with a wide variety of Japanese stationery and craft supplies.

‘Chibi’ – ‘small child’ in Japanese
Chibi Run’s vision is to give you inspiration and the joy experienced by a small child running.
I know great design when I see it.
I love colours. I know what makes a great product and what doesn’t.
Which is why Chibi Run will always be filled with beautiful, quality products that will help you just that little bit more to make life fun and special!

As a mum, I’ve always had a strong belief that quality products should always be made affordable to those who wish to use them.

I am also super passionate about our customers and love each customer dearly.
My customers are the ones who keep me going everyday.
Our parcels are always packaged full of love and always never fails to bring a smile to those who receive it.


One thought on “About

  1. Where do I find your shop? I messaged you a couple of years ago and got no reply. I found the message when cleaning up old messages.


Thank you so much for taking the time to chat. I love reading your comments! x

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